Opportunity and Impact of Solidified Remains

Join the Parting Stone team and some of the leading funeral directors offering solidified remains for a live webinar on Tuesday, January 11th, at 1pm MT to learn:


JAN 11th


1pm MT



100% of the Remains Solidified into "stones"

Parting Stone gives cremation families the option of receiving a complete alternative to "ashes" following cremation. Instead of receiving granular cremated remains, they now have the option of receiving the full amount of remains in a form that resembles a collection of smooth stones. 

We've worked with over 1,800 families, 350 funeral homes, and been featured in major publications like Fast Company, Bloomberg, and Business Insider.

Solidified remains are empowering thousands of families in their grief while bringing an entirely new revenue stream to funeral homes across the U.S. and Canada. 


“Suddenly we had a way to regain relevancy with families who were taking remains home, but not sure what to do with them. We are now able to offer those families a more meaningful service with solidified remains."


Buck Dyck

General Manager @ French Funerals

“Considering and choosing the Parting Stones became a ritual itself as the family stood together at the edge of the circle and each person reached in for the ones that resonated with them. Nicely sized to fit in the palm, there were more than enough to go around (well over 50!) and the sense of plenty made it easy for the family to be generous with one another. 

Not a single person in the group I was working with pulled away from touching the stones. This is the only time I have seen every single person in a multigenerational family group feel comfortable handling cremated remains. No one held back, every one understood the user interface of hand and stone, and I did not have to provide a towel or wipes to help them clean up. Disposition is rarely as simple as picking up a stone to place in the earth, to cast into water, or to put in a pocket and take home.”


Dina Stander

Celebrant + End of Life Navigator

"Modern death care is not "your mother's death care. It is intimate, it is sacred, it takes us to a place where we keep our loved ones with us while accepting their death and feeling the grief. "Solidified remains removes the shackles of a barrier separating Mother from Daughter, Husband From Wife, Sister from Brother, and provides a gift of interaction. Parting Stone has created a unprecedented opportunity for families and loved ones to keep those they cherish close without the separation of a cold steel urn.

Every stage of the process is clearly and thoughtfully laid out, and each individual's remains make their way through the lab in an orderly procession. Most importantly it is clear that human remains and pet remains have their own distinct paths. Justin and his staff have worked hard ensuring that this process falls in line with our (funeral) industry standards, and I feel confident in using Parting Stone and recommending them to others."


Jody Herrington

Location Manager @ Skylawn Funeral Home

"Folks want permanent memorialization of their loss but, sometimes, just don’t know what to do with a box of ashes. Grief is capricious and, for some, it can be hard sometimes to associate that box with a deceased loved one. 

I’ve been around the death-care profession since I was a teenager. Rarely does something new come along that actually has the potential to shift the archetype of this ultra-traditional business. 

The idea that remains can be offered as stones is monumental."

Larry Stuart Jr.

Larry Stuart Jr.

Founder @ Cremation Strategies & Consulting

"I haven't seen a revenue decrease since the pandemic began. The families we serve need to know that there are options like solidified remains.

We have offered solidified remains to every cremation family and almost 10% are choosing this form instead of conventional ash."

John Perkes

John Perkes

Owner @ Regency Mortuary

What You’ll Learn in the Webinar

This webinar is about showing you the reality of how Parting Stone is affecting funeral homes and families. You will hear REAL experiences from families, see a LIVE testimonial from a Funeral Director offering solidified remains, see REAL sales data from our 350+ partners, and have your burning questions answered ON AIR. 


The Story

The story of how solidified remains were developed beginning at Los Alamos National Laboratory…


Increase Revenue

Simple strategies to increase revenue by increasing your funeral home’s solidification rate.


Empower Your Families

Empower your families with an alternative to granular cremated remains. We’ll share powerful customer stories.

Join Our Live Webinar!

In our upcoming webinar, we'll show you solidified remains sales data from our 350+ funeral home partners so you can gauge interest in your own community.

Have questions? We'll answer them live in a dedicated portion of the event. 


In the News...

Parting Stone and our solidified remains technology has captured the imagination of people inside and outside of the death care profession. Additionally, each week we contribute our cremation expertise to major industry publications.

Event Speakers

Join Parting Stone founder Justin Crowe, Parting Stone VP of Sales Brendan Hannah, and a new guest each month to hear our story and learn first-hand how solidified remains is improving the cremation experience for thousands of families.